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Fortunate Dube lyrics “Weapons & Roses

Posted by on May 25, 2017 0

I don’t know why
I keep believing
That one day, they’ll bring us together
When they’ve shown
In more ways than one
That all they care about is the dollar
You belong to the one political party
I belong to the one musical party
Our differences are worlds apart
Just like guns and roses
If we don’t take control
Of the situation
We’ll stay forever in this ya commotion

[Chorus: x3]
Those weapons and the roses
That we have got to are living with

How can 5 years of energy
Wreck a life-time of
One time we have been judged
By way of the color of our skins
Now we’re judged
By way of the color of our flags
Allow us to unite
In opposition to being divided
You belong to the only political celebration
I belong to the only musical celebration
Allow us to take keep an eye on of the placement
Differently we will be trapped on this

[Chorus: till fade]


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