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Lyrics: Drake Cannot Have The whole thing

Posted by on January 26, 2018 0

Yeah, uh, guy, recent up out the sand
February 10, it is the boy, however I am nonetheless the person
Come and get your mans
I have no idea, first you stuck the fingers
Then you definately took the stand
It is a shaggy dog story, however you assert you real-I do not perceive
On a yacht, me and all of the canines actin’ like some canines
We developed, used to suppose holiday intended Niagara Falls
Swear to God, shout to Buffalo, by no means duckin’ low
I do not prevent, guy, I am caught on move, at all times hug the row
Fuck a opp, make his frame roll, yeah, numerous the ones
Began out doin’ school displays, Calipari glide
Then I popped such as you by no means noticed
We with the whole thing, I went off within the ’16, give me ’17

Need so much, can not have the whole thing
Cannot have the whole thing
Need so much, can not have the whole thing
However I need the whole thing

Unhealthy perspective, tellin’ who to loosen up?
Tryna cool all of it down
Who is callin’ my title? Who is concerned now?
Inform me who I gotta down, I’m going to do a track now, guy
Despite the fact that there may be approach much less to turn out to y’all now, guy
The whole thing that went round is comin’ again round
Y’all higher hit the bottom
Goddamn, pork ceaselessly unfinished
Yeah, it is all open ended, had me off for a minute
Had you all since beginnin’
Rattling, I will have to be coachin’, ‘reason I am not playin’ with them
Are you able to no longer see the variation?
I imply, I stay the fuckin’ lighting on within the buildin’
Guy, my report deal will have to be 500 million, goddamn

Cannot have the whole thing
Cannot have the whole thing
Need so much, can not have the whole thing
However I need the whole thing

In the end were given my thoughts in a loose state
Niggas attempted to serve me up a cheesesteak
I gave them again a blank plate
Similar niggas preein’, ‘reason they hate to look the workforce directly
Similar niggas beakin’ at all times duckin’ my free up date
That is when the telephone begins ringin’, like, “Are we directly?”
Two-faced nigga again round with the 3 face
Rattling, oh, triple double, Russ face
Watch with the bust face
By no means met the plug, however I rap in regards to the plug face
By no means met my self, I do not take note who I used to be face
Y’all fuckin’ hilarious
Y’all actually suppose you niggas teamin’ up and scarin’ us
Y’all niggas is conceited, y’all sleep on the Sheraton
All that shit embarrassin’
Inform your large homie I am thinking about goin’ there once more
He ain’t even die and I ball along with his inheritance
All that is in my account on the Financial institution of The us
All that Drake hysteria
Six aspect, east aspect, all that for my house

[Sandi Graham:]
You realize, hun, I am somewhat fascinated with this damaging tone that I am listening to on your voice nowadays. I will admire the place your uncertainly stems from and you have got reason why to query your anxieties and the way disenchanted you are feeling, in addition to feeling skeptical about who you imagine you’ll be able to accept as true with. However that perspective will simply hang you again on this lifestyles, and you’ll proceed to really feel alienated. Give some concept to this, as a result of I am assured in you, and I do know you’ll be able to succeed in your required vacation spot and attain your objectives a lot more briefly with out this war of words I am listening to on your tone nowadays. When others move low, we move prime.


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