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Lyrics: Drake – Loose Smoke

Posted by on January 26, 2018 0

[Nai Palm:]
Is it the energy of your emotions
Overthrowing your ache
The use of you top to be achieving
And is it lately that you are going to in finding your new unencumber
And on your wake, ripple your candy voice

And extra chune in your head tops
So watch the way you talk on my title, ?

Yeah, I could not get a invoice paid
You could not purchase the actual factor
I used to be stayin’ up at yo’ position
Tryin’ to determine the entire thing
I noticed other folks doin’ issues
Virtually gave up at the track factor
However all of us so spoiled now
Extra existence, extra the whole thing
Will have to have by no means had your telephone tapped
All that yappin’ at the telephone shit
You will have to in point of fact love the street existence
All that by no means comin’ house shit

Loose smoke, loose smoke, aye!
Loose smoke, loose smoke, aye!
Loose smoke, loose smoke, aye!

Dom Rosé toast
Hidden Hills the place I publish
I get started my day sluggish
Silk pajamas once I wake, despite the fact that
Miraval to the face, despite the fact that
I inebriated textual content J-Lo
Outdated quantity, so it leap again
Boi-1da were given the leap again
Used to receives a commission for presentations and front-door cash
5, ten, twenties, hand sanitize after you depend that
Me and Gibbo used to be about that
Eatin’ Applebee’s and Outback
Southwest, no firstclass
Hilton rooms, gotta double up
Writin’ our title on a double cup
We ain’t actually have a excursion bus
Women would not even bring to mind recordin’ me
I go to sleep in sororities
I had some other priorities
Weezy had all of the authority
Girls I love used to be ignorin’ me
Now they prefer, “Are not you lovely?”
I do know the query rhetorical
I took the group airplane from Oracle
Mama by no means used to prepare dinner a lot
Used to chef KD
Now me and Chef, KD
Wager on pictures for twenty G’s
I introduced the sport to its knees
I make an excessive amount of at the moment to ever say, “Deficient me”
The place you at? I by no means see you

Loose smoke, loose smoke, aye!
Loose smoke, loose smoke, aye!
Loose smoke, loose smoke, aye!

Niggas strikes so waste
Please come outdoor the home and display your self
So I will say it for your face
It is sure to occur, guy, it is gotta occur now
So let’s simply get it out the best way
Lot of niggas goin’ dangerous on me
Please, one after the other
I wanna transfer to Dubai
So I do not by no means must kick it without any of you guys
I did not concentrate to Hov on that outdated music
When he advised me pay it no thoughts
I am getting extra pleasure outta goin’ at your head
And seein’ all of you die
And I observed a large number of you die

Loose smoke, loose smoke, aye!
Loose smoke, loose smoke, aye!
Loose smoke, loose smoke, aye!

Hidden Hills the place I publish, yeah
‘Ye already know, yeah
I am the troublemaker locally
Some distance as troublemakin’ is going, yeah
Area birthday party up the street, yeah
I am not Child ‘n Play
This child does not play in regards to the glide, yeah
Y’all stay playin’ together with your nostril, yeah
You get top and do essentially the most, yeah
The way you let the child fightin’
Ghost-writin’ rumors flip you to a ghost?
Oh, you niggas were given jokes
Loose smoke, loose smoke

Yeah, we outchea
Ya don know, aye?
It is a OVO ting, aye?
Ya don know, aye?
It is a East Facet ting, aye?
Ya don know, aye?
Extra existence


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