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Lyrics: Drake – KMT toes. Giggs

Posted by on January 26, 2018 0

(Ness at the beat)
K, k

B Guy simply were given out the can
I gave my bro an advance (yeah)
Love is not in my plans
No longer even takin’ an opportunity
Studio proper in my backyard
I am doin’ ten in every week
How lengthy I been in this streak?
Dream about paintings in my sleep
K, I were given a lock at the streets
Shoutout to T, he did 3
And he introduced it in ‘explanation for me
You do not know nothin’ ’bout me
Lifestyles for my bruddas is deep
Lengthy as all of them on they ft
Lengthy as they wallet is grease (grease!)
I am within the penthouse, however nonetheless nothin’ is good (yeah)
Mud a person down with the pen, it is a sweep (Mmmm!)
Taller in particular person, you can see after we meet
I heard your new shit and I am kissin’ my tooth

Bringin’ that grimy, grimy, bringin’ that certy
Nizzy with the fast extension, ringin’ off thirty
I have were given bitches and they are murky, swervin’, lookin’ all curvy
And you recognize I like them breasts, lookin’ all perky
Lookin’ all Christmas gift-wrapped, lookin’ all turkey
Spend jumped out the Ghost in a go well with, lookin’ all churchy
Arms all itchin’, twitchin’, lookin’ all jerky
Whippin’ that white lady, cookin’ that Cersei
I am simply pushin’ that darkish shit, pushin’ that charcoal
Now that is that gigantic unhealthy, that is Gustavo
Have a look at them jokers, take a look at that arsehole
Guy are gettin’ bread now, that is that arduous dough
Clap guy, dominant homicide
I am a black guy, govt earner
May’ve simply slapped guy, however he sought after it additional
Batman, da-na-na-da-na

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