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Lyrics: Drake – Lose You

Posted by on January 26, 2018 0

I do not care what society thinks. They are not anything anyway. They are no higher than me. Available in the market you simply have to suit right into a development that anyone’s already laid out for you. Existence we are living, you must set your personal patterns, your personal beliefs. You need to take care of the entire activity your self. (Yeah)

No snow tires, the rain slip-slide like Trick Daddy and Trina
Oli North pull in, like, 10 million a season
Queen Side road visions that no person believed in
If we no longer at the charts, my XO niggas eatin’
Fifty-two consecutive weekends, shout out to Weeknd
The town will get more potent when everyone is speakin’
No longer when everyone out right here beefin’
We were given it, now we simply gotta stay it
The usa’s maximum sought after, guy, I am nonetheless at the run
These types of quantity ones and we nonetheless no longer those
No arduous emotions, however I will nonetheless get you spun
Went and were given diplomas, and we nonetheless goin’ dumb
Please by no means label niggas who lay down for a livin’
My festival, it is past offensive
I am in it for the honor, no longer the distinction point out
No longer tryna be fourth and inches, I am tryna pass the gap
Yeah, distance, I am on a special undertaking
This the remix to “Ignition,” scorching and recent out the kitchen
The way you put out of your mind to replenish with fuel at the highway to riches?
Too overly formidable, too past due to mend it
Too past due for condolences when it is over with
I want to get started sayin’ shit after I realize it
Be open with other people I would like some closure with
Be truthful with myself and take possession
Reviews began to burn when tables began to show
I in reality used to really feel like they beloved a nigga in the beginning
Excitin’ instances, revitalized
Accept as true with this little gentle of mine is gonna shine undoubtedly
I am simply takin’ what God will give me
Thankful like Jerry, Bob and Mickey
Higher perspective, we will see the place it will get me
I do know catchin’ flies with honey continues to be sticky
I wrote the e-book on world-class finesses
And tasteful gestures and makin’ efforts
And not placin’ 2nd
Or even higher knowin’ you are first however then takin’ 2nd
Inspirin’ and not takin’ credit score
I do know I deserve extra, I simply by no means stated it
Two center arms as I make a go out, yeah

Did I lose you?
Did I? Did I?
Did I lose you?
Did I? Did I?
Did I lose you?

Winnin’ is problematic
Other people such as you extra whilst you workin’ against somethin’
No longer in case you have it
Means much less make stronger from my friends
Lately as I am getting established
Unforgivin’ instances, however fuck it, I set up
Why is my fight other than others’?
Best kid that is takin’ care of his mom
As well being worsens and expenses double
That is not decent rapidly?
I do not get a pat at the again for the arise?
What do you notice whilst you see me?
When did all of the issues I imply
From the ground of my middle begin to lose that means?
Possibly I proportion it with too many of us
Again then it used to simply really feel like our secret
Again after I would write
And no longer consider how they obtain it
I be tryna manifest the issues I wished
And glance, now, I imply, it is arduous to imagine it even for me
However you are aware of all of it when your thoughts filled with all of it
How they pass from no longer wantin’ me in any respect
To wantin’ to look me lose all of it?
Issues get darkish, however my air of mystery simply begins glowin’
I am conquer with feelings
Ones I will be able to’t get right of entry to when I am stoned sober
Jealous ones nonetheless envy and niggas flip king cobra
I may simplest discuss what I do know of
Guy, we wrote the e-book on calculated thinkin’
And icy Heineken drinkin’, and rival neighborhoods linkin’
And puttin’ your accept as true with in any person
With the danger of financially sinkin’
All you probably did was once write the e-book on garbage-ass Rollies
Ego strokin’, image postin’
Claimin’ that you would do it for motivational functions simplest
However you simply needed to display me
See, I do know, ‘reason I learn about you carefully
I do know when any person lyin’
I realize other people standin’ for nothin’ and gettin’ drained
I do know what we are each thinkin’ even if you find yourself quiet
Occasionally I gotta simply be sure that I did not lose you

Did I? Did I?
Did I lose you?
Did I? Did I?
Did I lose you?


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