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Lyrics: Drake – No Lengthy Communicate toes. Giggs

Posted by on January 26, 2018 0

In point of fact?
Yeah (Six!)
Murda on tha beat, so it isn’t great

That is Baka, he is a no-long-talker
Fast to let a motherfuckin’ TEC slam
We do not want to pay attention a few subsequent guy
Youts communicate down, then they get ran
Left them, get dipped from the entire ends
If Gilla name photographs, no questions
G-Method ’til I am restin’
However we nonetheless were given love for the West Finish
If it is a chit-chat ting, higher communicate great
Murda at the beat, so it isn’t great
Cranium will get scorching, then I am not great
You tryna date her and he or she been, let me stroll two times
Now you guy are on a diss ting
Simply know guy like Chubbs
He is a fixer if I ever gotta repair tings
Simply know guy like 5th, he is a sicko
As you get tanned, he do not omit issues
Simply know guy like me, I am a Sixer
And I oversee the entire thing
Yeah, I pree the entire thing
Yeah, I pree the entire thing
Preme were given the harm tucked, can not see the entire thing
Niggas wanna communicate splits, now we’d like the entire thing

Guy will get duppied after we contact a button
Guy catch suckers, then we are touchin’ somethin’
Guy will get caught in, yeah, we are caught in somethin’
Guy will get rappin’ after we’re suckin’ somethin’
Guy will get battered with the crutch or somethin’
Guy bat bat it, then we dollar or somethin’
If guy kid play it, then we Chucky somethin’
If guy get started throwin’, then we are chuckin’ somethin’
I am on the most efficient facet, were given the TEC coated
Within the whip, at the left facet, on a demise experience
MAC-10 and the spesh flies, and the TEC slide
Nutty shit like somethin’ simply climbed out the X-Recordsdata
Textbook, find it irresistible’s old skool, like in textiles
Lightie, lookin’ wholesome and he or she will get smiles
House time, take hold of a snappy drink and he or she will get wild
Horny, and I fee that and her intercourse taste
Fuckin’ somethin’, yeah nigga, fuckin’ somethin’
Again bent, pussy, I will fuck her somethin’
Cognac, higher take hold of a cup of somethin’
Glue pussy like a nigga caught or somethin’
Caught or somethin’, like a nigga caught or somethin’
So the monster is sort of a truck or somethin’
Unfold the pussy out, I am ’bout to butter somethin’
Guy long gone Hollywood, it is like I am Greenback or somethin’

You dun know, it is Hollowman Giggs
Presently, simply right here with the large guy Drizzy, you get me?
Extra Lifestyles flex, you dun know
OVO and SN1 to the arena, brap


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