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[Lyrics] Lil Wayne feet Drake – Circle of relatives Feud

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[Intro: Drake] Yeah, Willpower 6, after all
Shout out Guru for sendin’ me the beat, too
Younger Angel, Younger Lion
Extra Existence, no dyin’
Yeah, alright, I were given it, yeah

[Verse 1: Drake] Tremendous Bowl objectives, I am on the crib with Puff
He were given Kaepernick at the telephone, he in an entire other mode
Angel hair at 2AM for Bey and Hov
Simply to turn ’em how I deal with the town like my humble home
Ayy, inform me if TD Financial institution is approvin’ loans
I am thinkin’ of payin’ Wayne what Common owes
My nigga spent a life-time goin’ platinum and gold
He will have to personal part of the label, shit outta keep watch over
Any person get Larry Jackson at the telephone
I would like some possession if we pressin’ move
‘Motive industry is boomin’ on behalf of me
I desire a chew outta the Apple like Adam and Eve
We gon’ have to wreck the billi’ curse
I would like my paper lengthy like “A Milli” verse
Or too lengthy like a sentence from a Philly pass judgement on
Fuck is the purpose in all of the beefin’ once we truly blood?
No person wins when the circle of relatives feuds, nigga
Everyone gotta consume, we will be able to’t exclude niggas
I make the crib, expandin’ swimming pools andexpandin’ rooms
Addin’ Hammam Spas with tannin’ cubicles, nigga
That is fact, no spice up, nigga
However this is not all about callin’ truce
I am nonetheless dishin’ out verbal abuse
That shit may just get re-introduced
If someone were given somethin’ they urgin’ to end up, nigga
Inspirin’ to the formative years
New Years Eve, lookin’ like a royal flush
Wait, all of us in the similar go well with
I am Corridor of Reputation within the sales space, nigga
My karma makin’ the inside track, nigga
This pudding style just like the evidence, nigga
If I ever see Trump, he higher salute niggas
A lot as we do, nigga (for actual)

[Interlude: Lil Wayne] Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Six shit

[Verse 2: Lil Wayne] I may just care much less ’bout your squad
I do not attach when I am flyin’
I am on a jet and it is mine
I simply hope the elements is okay
I took the jet to Dubai
I took the jet to Milan
I took the jet solution to Africa, shout out my nigga Akon
Your complain sweatin’ my squad
Please get the sweat out her eye
I put the dick in her backbone
I fucked the complain in her top
Do not get my credit score declined
Give all of the credit score to Mothers
I flipped the fowl on the Hen; hello, what is for dinner? Popeyes
Those chickens were given fowl flu
They usually chirp, chirp too
All the time sung, by no means flew
Those boys scorching women too
If cash develop on bushes, I climb and leisure in that b-tch
Construct a treehouse and knock the fowl nest out that b-tch
Caught my neck out and shit
Then were given the heck out that shit
And after I did, I took the particular impact out of that shit
Tunechi F ‘spherical this complain
The most efficient factor left ‘spherical this b-tch
All you niggas some bitches, I believe like Hef ‘spherical this b-tch
You name her Stephanie, I name her Steph ‘spherical this b-tch
Now again to whippin’ the infant on some step mama shit
I come direct with my shit
I come proper with my shit
A clean test for your face, put some admire on my shit
Branches startin’ to shake
Right here comes the leaves, get the rake
I need my piece of the cake
It will have to be sweeter than cake
Right here come the leaves, get the rake
And we ain’t leavin’ the rake
We made the cleanest get away
Even supposing I bleeped for your face
You playin’ with the appropriate one nowadays
Your flag is a white one nowadays
You wearin’ them tight ones nowadays
Test me or write one nowadays
You playin’ with fireplace nowadays
The Angel and Lion are greats
Oh my God, lightning strikin’ two times on this position
Must we make a want or will have to we make it proper on this position?
All this motherf-ckin’ pork, I would like some rice in this plate
Talked on your wifey nowadays
She feelin’ triflin’ she say
Talked to the sniper, he say
He aimin’ at diapers nowadays
Select you off like pickin’ peppers, Peter Piper nowadays
So inform your squad I say “BLAOW” like Spice 1 would say
It is Mortal Kombat this night, it is Boulevard Fighter nowadays
I am Main Bison, Drizzy lit like Raiden remove darkness from where
You spot blue face masses ’til you white within the face
Oh my God, it really feel like I finished lifestyles on this position
However swear to God, I were given cash doin’ lifestyles in my protected
Put at the gloves like MJ, move from OG to OJ
I make you concentrate then rip your receipt for your face
This for Cita and Nae
This for my folks and bae
I were given 3 sons of a gun, them niggas stay me on protected
Hol’ up, I’m the black god to the church
I’m the fats boy to dessert
I’m the owner to the primary
Were given two bangers, certainly one of them move “bada increase”
One among them move “bada bing”
I taught those hoes the way to love, I taught those boys the way to lean
I am prime within the sky and I twinkle
The eyes do not lie ’til you blink ’em
Stay the iron for the wrinkles
The mansion got here with the sprinklers
I need Arabian wealth
You snakes come make me a belt
Yeah, lifestyles is a film, you niggas playin’ yourselves

[Outro: Lil Wayne] Rattling, that is some six shit
Yeah, yeah, yeah, I need Arabian wealth
You snakes come make me a belt
It is each guy for themselves, it is each child on the market
And lifestyles is a film, you niggas ratin’ your self
I simply hope it’s a porn to look at you pussies play with your self
That is some six shit


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