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[Lyrics] Lil Wayne – For Not anything

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[Intro: DJ Drama & Lil Wayne] Gangster, gangster
DatPiff dot com, international premiere
I am reloaded (gangster)
Loosen up, yeah
So after D6, I textual content Weezy
It is tough
I say, now it is time for a holiday
Wager the iPhone autocorrected
And he idea I stated “now it is time for a Determination.”
We gon’ convey it y’all
So now y’all were given a twenty pack
What is your deal with?
You are welcome
And no longer your electronic mail deal with neither
D6: Reloaded
Hundo, leggo
A Determination!

[Verse] Taking a look within the reflect, all I see is cash
Bop, bop, but when I used to be blind, all I listen is working
Plug went to prison Saturday, ‘posed to fulfill him Sunday
He stated his b-tch flushed the paintings, time to do a little plumbing
Gotta love the best way we comin’ although, we stay it coming
Wolves by no means cry wolf and it is advisable feed us onions
Pledge allegiance to the area that is underneath and below
The southside out of your blind facet, Stevie Surprise
Starvation Video games, ain’t no video games after we talking starvation
We grasping f-ckers, devour your supper, pick out our tooth and mug ya
The pocket bussin’ out the muscle, b-tch, I am bleeding blubber
And I been under the influence of alcohol and I will be able to’t accept as true with you ‘reason I am seein’ double
And I been ballin’ just like the Rucker, nigga triple-double
And now there may be warfare, and they would like peace
However it would possibly not repair the puzzle
You drop the ball, when you a beast, you will not be fast to fumble
If I am too deep, then get a larger shovel, dig a tunnel
In the event you a beast, then that complain cannot get a nickel from you
I am the one one that talk, after we within the huddle
Make a p-ssy nigga leak, then soar within the puddle
We comin’ deep, for your boulevard, ’bout to hire a commute
On a daily basis of the week, if I hit the road, I gotta listen the hustle
On a daily basis of the week, I gotta get loaded, loaded
Skip the buffering
I were given it made, and with that stated, I gotta tip the butler
I love my bitches mustard, industry hushed, and Bentley’s customized
Bitches struggling ‘reason the device f-cked ’em, now they f-cking
They are able to’t conceal they struggle scars however they are able to conceal they stomachs
Niggas like Niagara Falls how they mouths are working
However we making caviar out of flounder’s, guppies
Stand tall however I am a munchkin to my pile of cash
Were given down and dug it, discovered a nugget, made a mountain of it
Do not want a crown, robe or not anything, I am the king of topic
Chocolate, brown, cream, and fudgie, and I am peanut buttery
Fuck the fuckery, I am going skullduggery, it get unsightly
Niggas thuggin, we were given small children smuggling in they Huggies
Niggas juggling other roughly medication, Feds suffering
Sippin Actavis, activist like Fred Douglass
Goodnight, sleep tight, watch the mattress buggies
She give me @ss, she give me head, I name it headbutting
Stroll in a room filled with buttons, press the pink button
Blow this b-tch to shreds, get my skateboard, and shred one thing
Lead pumpin’ you lifeless pumpkin, move ‘head, sell off ’em
Redrum ’em, goin’ onerous within the paint, Andre Drummond
Headhuntin’, Excellent Will Huntin’, nonetheless stuntin’
All or nothin’, Warren G to Warren Buffet
Stormin’, floodin’, lightnin’, thunder, Carter coming
Like karma coming, my b-tch p-ssy’s the warmest oven
Want morning lovin’, she overseas, Donald would possibly bomb her nation
Thick as f-ck, no panties when she were given at the onesie, whoa
Time to get this paper although
You ape or ho, bitches in line to get this snake fa’sho
We take the dough if they do not pay the dough and that is the reason fa’sho
We make ’em greens and we do not even like greens
Those niggas additional broke, we spoil a nigga right down to decimals
We up in Mexico to look the plug, and no longer electric
Prime ldl cholesterol, you niggas salty, I am the pepper although
Your complain ain’t part a ho, she wanna be in my subsequent episode
I am a steppin stone and that .380 my chaperone
And blow like saxophone, and when the smoke transparent I’ma stand on my own
And from the terra-dome, yeah
That New Orleans, house of methadone
Law enforcement officials on megaphones its such a lot unhealthy good fortune, ain’t no leprechauns
I been referred to as a stone, pocket filled with stones
At the nook shifting stones
Papa was once a Rolling Stone, I am so stoned
On this complain, ready on Babylon
Bible at the wardrobe, subsequent to the gun and Tylenol, silence off
Spike a complain drink like volleyball
I really like all thin bitches, cannot get within the trip in any respect, on no account
I am fascinated with an actual personal warfare, time to brawl
Niggas do not want lil Track to take those diamonds off
I’ma communicate loopy to a deaf nigga
Those niggas blind, I’ma nonetheless draw up my set, nigga
Metal tote on your chest, nigga
Hell no to a sure nigga
Fuckin’ proper to a nasty complain
She will fuck round and get her ass licked
Nonetheless cannot get her ass kissed
Black fist, heart finger to taxes, the police they usually movements
I am nonetheless pickin’ out mansions
Nonetheless dicking’ down, such and such
Nonetheless fuckin’ with so and so
Nonetheless fuckin’ my bitches pals
By no means fuck my woadie ho
Nonetheless talkin’ about Hollygrove, nonetheless talkin’ ’bout coke and dope
At the set, in that, OVO
At the jet, in that, OVO
I do not threaten I opt for broke
Wanna step and move toe to toe?
No bullshit at this rodeo and all my clips Pinnochio
Tunechi, complain, for not anything

[Outro] Drops mic
Smartly, I will be able to’t technically ‘reason it is hooked up, however, however, you get the expression
Mula, welcome, thanks for becoming a member of
Determination 6, this some in poor health shit
Umm, to begin with, I wanna thank Drama for doing this shit once more, and all the time doing this shit for his dawg. My nigga, one time. Thank everyone concerned, everyone concerned. My workforce, my workforce is my fam. Everyone who put they fingerprints in this shit, ‘preciate everyone

So the definition of Determination has modified for me because the first one, since the second, because the 3rd one, no matter. This is because, umm, every time I put it out, umm, it is lifestyles. And because I do not write none of my shit, I am coming from the pinnacle. And what occurs is, while you rap see you later or while you do it see you later, all of the issues on your head, you executed used up. So what occurs is you gotta get started the use of one thing else and coming from in other places, and that in other places is ten occasions out of ten your middle. And, umm, that is what this Determination 6 mission is

However, uh, yeah, the definition is all the time other as a result of I am all the time going thru one thing at the moment of my lifestyles, you understand what I imply. I prolly was once fucking your complain on Determination 4, and the entire fucking shit was once devoted to her, you understand what I imply. I dunno. Whichever person who wasn’t, that did not do in addition to the entire remainder of them, that was once indisputably the person who was once devoted to her


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