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[Lyrics] Lil Wayne-Unwell

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[DJ Drama] A YMGM Collaboration
Younger Cash, Era M
Get with it!

[Verse: Lil Wayne] Squad poppin’, just like the pentagon
Squad poppin’, just like the renaissance
Squad poppin’, just like the mystery track
And also you pussy ass niggas thrillers long gone
My squad lit like a strobe mild
Squad lit on a gradual evening
Squad ain’t were given no sorts
Cinderella, Pocahontas, Snow White
My squad poppin’, my whinge buying groceries
My niggas thuggin’, my whinge robbing
I am within cuddling with the choppa
Operating at the range, like a unique
Diggin’ in my wallet, tryna to find the ground
Codeine were given the drink all soggy
And your queen were given my dick arduous frame
There is a stick up in my drawers, armed theft
My squad poppin’, just like the white space
Squad by no means want day trip
Squad manner up at the 9th cloud
Method up right here, we were given iCloud
My squad lit like a strobe mild
Each evening, any evening, all evening
6 hoes and so they all dykes, and all they want is one mic
My new attic filled with useless our bodies
Previous attic filled with useless our bodies
Bed room filled with purple our bodies
I were given your primary whinge headlining
She cry to me mentioned “You might be no honest!”
Cried to me mentioned “You might be low fare.”
Dry pussy and not using a hair
So we showered in combination
Then I ask her how the dope really feel
I do not care how the hoe really feel
I kick her ass out the dope space
And she will be able to ask her ass how the door really feel
Squad poppin’ just like the pentagon
Thot communicate Jimmy Jones
Smokin loud like an intercom
Im goin stay it summer season all wintry weather lengthy
Squad lit like the daylight
You goin need to squint or use on eye
No Mike Tyson this a gun struggle
Needed to conceal my weapons motive they gun shy
Squad pop just like the pentagon
Needed to put a couple of killers on
If you do not need no static you goin have to place some antennas on
Wait, Drop best with the tinteds on
Whinge leap like a tennis ball
Pussies hatin’ like menopause
Its a jungle available in the market, synagogue
Wait, Drop best with the tinteds on
It get unsightly when I am lovely stoned
Fats wallet with the skinnies on
Im useless proper however I am residing incorrect
No purple lighting fixtures my limits long gone
My meds proper I am trippy jones
My wave proper like, [?] My diamonds dance like Diddy Combs
Her headlights i flip em on
She wanna move to Mars, that adventure lengthy
Im goin fuck her arduous until her sternum long gone
My diamonds sayin she finding out songs
I awoke, like this hoe
Im burning pot like crysco
She a cryp hoe however she a nympho
And we colour blind and you understand love is blind
In every others eyes, we butterflies
Rock and roll like
I dont even were given to be her no 1
Im her quantity 6
And she or he my quantity 9
Get it
A majority of these medication medical
A majority of these bars science fiction
South figuring out ribbon [?] Walkin all 9 innings
Talkin shit whilst im shittin
Defication dear
Thats the country beautiful
Determination 6 senses
Im the shit up within the restroom
Wager who up in my visitor room
Smack her ass depart a flesh wound
Weezy F child take a look at 2 [?] The Martian will get prime as Neptunes
I fuck your whinge how is that information?
And also you ain’t shit to a raccoon
I’m going ape shit on those baboons
The diamonds nonetheless doing dance strikes
The cash nonetheless makin rapid strikes
6 toes with 3 pair of trainers
You continue to underground the place the grass grew
Headshot thats a hairdo
Blood drop like shampoo
Oh smartly no shamoo
She clap her as within the lambo
We catch your ass gettin rapid meals
It occurs rapid then we vamoose
Rat-a-tat to the tat-poof
I’m going apple jack to the froot loop
I were given milk sauce within the [?] Im the frame at the aspect stroll
I chucked to the chalk on this children study room
Six shit

[Outro] Craziest shit Drake ever purchased me as a present used to be um more than likely some, some jewellery or one thing like drake purchase actual extravagant items like so, i do not, you understand, forgive me for pronouncing I do not keep in mind however its just like the reward be so extravagant which means like i more than likely use it on a daily basis so while you use one thing on a regular basis you utterly put out of your mind who were given that shit for you, im sorry you do exactly. and so he get you the ones form of items when i say extravagant i imply like uh the home i more than likely reside in used to be more than likely purchased by means of Drake you understand what i imply shit like that


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